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Honda and Acura Vanity/Personalized License Plates

Add Your License Plate

Plate State Vehicle Driver Comments
EASTRNR WA 1998 Civic Living in Washington State. Born and bred in the EAST.
NO MSG DE Honda S2000 no mono sodium glutamate, no marriage seeking girls, no message
F L X IL 1994 Honda Civic Coupe EX My first name is Felix and my friends have always called me Flex. I just dropped the "e" so it can be pronounced as either "Felix" or "Flex".nfl jerseys cheap
84LUDE HI 84 Prelude
7T MPG VT 84 CRX An antique which gets better mileage than most of the new hybrids.
2SMALL4U NC 1979 Honda Civic 1200 People think a 1200 is small and then I tell them about an N600.
H8 RA1N OH 04 S2000
80QLUDE AZ 80 Prelude 2nd owner..all original! Plate means 1980 QUAALUDE, which is what they nicknamed the first generation Preludes.
SFACTOR LA 08 S2000 a play on "X-Factor"
RICBRNR GA 06 S2000 My first car was a 72 240Z, that was a great car but the S2000 is better.
4ME2ZOOM NC 06 Civic
PASS-GAS FL 2003 Insight
FAST S 2 NC 02 S2000 Get another S2000 and lose my fun plate?? No way!
1 FAST S NC 06 S2000 My first S2K which is now driven by my wife - I bought an '02.
VTEC NH 96 Accord Four letters can mean so much...
SOL MAN MD del Sol
1JAZZ AZ 2007 Fit I first saw and drove this car while in Australia, in 2005. I'm happy they finally imported it and this is merely my differention.
SI R EX NC 90 CRX DX The plate has a dual meaning- phoneticly is pronounced "CRX" and the three trim levels are incorporated into the current car (tranny from a CRX Si, engine from a '91 Civic EX, brakes Integra Type R, other parts from Civic Type R; with aspirations of co
IBQUIK MA S2000 I be quick! At Auto X and SCCA.

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