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January 21, 2013

I bought a 1989 Honda CRX HI (High Fuel) with 100,000 miles on it for $2000 8 years ago. Drove by many gas stations with it avg. 60 mpg. The car was wonderful to drive. Not very powerful or fast to accelerate at highway speed but just nice to drive. Never gave me any problems. Only general maintaince was ever required. I drove the car for 7 years and up to 210,000 miles. In a 7 year time span the car only cost me $1500 in maintaince. CHEEP DRIVING! New England winter weather took its toll on the body which is the only reason why I replaced it. It still ran great. I was sorry to let it go. I found a 1991 CRX SI in mint condition with 135,000 miles. Currently have 165,000 on the SI. This one is fast and handles like its on rails. Thinking about keeping this one for ever. I've owned several late model Hondas. After owning other makes, I will never buy a car by any other manufacturer than Honda.

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